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Painting, modelling and terrain discussions and tips
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Ronnke's 2013 - Painting Log
Airbrushing help advice?
Gorgar accepts Beast's puny painting challenge.
Challenge Kind of Accepted - Sahatiel's Painting Log
Beest's updated for 2013 log
Golden Croc 2012 - Painting Competition
paint job
This looks good for Space Hulk
Gorgar's 2011 Painting Blog
Realms of Magic and Miniatures Painting Challenge.
A Landraider called "Alex"
TK421's 2010 Painting Blog
PP vs GW paints
Rules for bases
It's time again!
Using Quickshade(Dip) from army painter
Defiler Finished?
Nids painting
terrain stuff
Bits order.
imperial gurad power fists
Gorgar's 2010 Paint blog
space marine scout sniper <WIP>
Steam Punk Crons
Painting idea's for Guard
Awesome Necron Army
Spare Razorback Roof part from Rhino kit
Need Green spure please
SM Salamanders WIP image Hvy
WTT/WTB Looking for a little head
Gorgar's Painting Blog
Angry marine commmand squad
SOB Landraider
Terrain Donations
dodgy dirama
Terrain day?
WIP Orks(no space in there)
Tamia Paints :(
What Marnius Calgar SHOULD look like...
Marine lightning claws
chaos termi parts and other stuff
Necron Monolith WIP
Removing parts that have been glued on
Deamon prince wings
dam air brush
Terrain Supplies
[Modelling Diary] Chaos Project
Chaos Lord lightning claws
Spare bits
Modelling supplies
Surfin 1k sons
Big Mek Stompa Build
I'm looking for Skaven giant rats
Have GW prices gone too far.
Something Owen should add to his Impy Guards
Weird filling method
Plasticard In Townsville
Painting and modelling sites
40k Painting comp
Fantasy Painting comp
Stuff for potential Ork Looting
Terrain site
Modelling oppinions
Airbrush problems help!!!
Something to make even Spraggy Gasp...
Painting & Modeling
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